Thanks for stopping by to learn about us. Saturna is a boutique technology consulting and implementation company committed to doing great work for our clients. We believe in creating value in all of our projects and take pride in delivering top calibre solutions.  Our operating principles:
  • Successful solutions begin and end with people and processes, not technology
  • Good requirements are meant to be visualized, not recorded in large documents no one reads
  • The best course of action is to do the things that will net our clients the highest impact first
  • Sacrificing quality in the short term only leads to issues in the future that cost more money to fix
  • The solutions we make need to be approachable and easy to use for our clients
  • Providing honest, unfiltered advice builds successful business relationships
  • Building lasting and long term relationships with our clients is a win-win situation
If our philosophy resonates - we'd love to talk to you. We hope you have a look around and check out the rest of our site. Stay tuned for the release of our blog and other social media resources!
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